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2.8 carat set of Bavarian Spessarite Gemstones - Colonial Gems

2.8 carat set of Bavarian Spessarite Gemstones

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Bavarian Spessarite Gemstone Set (2.8 ct) (1) 8x6mm pear (2) 7x5mm oval   
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Product description:
Spessartite is an orange to red-brown gemstone that belongs to the large and varied garnet species. The name, "spessartine" comes from the Bavarian word, "Spessart", meaning "forest", which is a mountain range in Germany where spessartine garnet deposits were found in the 1880s. Spessartite garnet can range in colour from warm yellow to orange-red. These stones came from an old deposit in mountains of Bavaria that is no longer mined.

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