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About us

It's true!  We love gems!

We don't just sell them, we live for them! Nothing pleases us more than searching for rare and elusive emeralds, phenomenal star rubies, sapphires, or elegant sea blue aquamarines and royal topaz! We admit it! We simply can't get enough of them!

Other online services offer some nice gems, mass produced on the cutting wheels of south east Asia, heat treated, glass filled, irradiated and stained to enhance the color. We do not agree with such methods and work hard to find the best natural gem stones for you the way nature intended them.

Our gem experts are based predominantly out of Boston, Massachusetts, and we travel the world seeking rare precious and semi-precious stones. Our travels do not take us to the gem markets of Thailand or Hong Kong, rather they  take us to the  jungles of Brazil and Colombia,  mountains of Nepal and Afghanistan, deserts of Namibia and the mines of Zambia. 

Some folks may find this approach a bit overkill but we don't agree, and it’s not unusual to find a member of our team crawling into some dark hole somewhere exotic, only to emerge hours later accompanied by a smiling local miner, and share his exuberance exposing rare crystals to sunlight for the first time in a million years!

This is what we live for and will travel anywhere in the world gems can be found: Brazil - Columbia - Madagascar - Burma - Zambia - India - Afghanistan - Thailand - Australia - USA - Sri Lanka.

First we find them, then we study them, and only once we have determined the best cut that brings out the stones natural beauty do we cut and polish and make them available to you. 

We only deal in natural gems; we do not heat treat them, or apply any type of chemical enhancement.  Mother Nature took millions of years to geologically form these crystals and we do not attempt to improve on them thermally or chemically. 

  1. We believe the value of natural gemstones far outweighs the investment in cheap glass filled or heat treated stones from dealers in Asia and Africa.
  2. Everything we find we make available online, and can arrange gem hunting missions for dealers or individuals who are seeking something special.
  3. We bring old fashioned values to what we produce and sell and most importantly we do so at affordable prices.
  4. We are not greedy! We just need to fund our gem hunting passion and this is how we do it!
  5. We want you to love every one of our gems as much as we do!
 We believe you will!   We guarantee it!
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