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7 carat Mt. Antero Baguette Cut Aquamarine Gemstone

7 carat Mt. Antero Baguette Cut Aquamarine Gemstone

$ 100.00 $ 200.00

Awesome Mt Antero Aquamarine Marquis Gemstone

Weight: (7 ct)

Size:  18x13 mm

Cut: Baguette

Rated: 5 / 5 based on 5 customer reviews
$ 100 In stock

Product description: This stone has a few visible inclusions and is paler than some stones from Mt Antero, but the its well cut, and is a true natural Colorado gem.
All the stones from our Mt. Antero collection are awesome deal for those who want to own a true Rocky mountain gemstone. Mount Antero in the Colorado Rockies is prized for its gemstone deposits and has one of the highest concentrations of aquamarine in the country.
Most of what you see come from Mt Antero recently is of relatively nice coloring with mid light to mid tone, and fine hue, but often heavily included. Colonial Gems has just acquired this parcel of wonderful quality stones that came off the mountain from a private collector in back 1975 and have remained hidden all these years. It was tough negotiating for this crystals and it took a lot of bartering to get him to part with them. However, we succeeded! The stones from this parcel are superior to any we have seen in a long time and are in VERY limited supply! 

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