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9 carat Brazilian Fire Opal Gemstone - Colonial Gems

9 carat Brazilian Fire Opal Gemstone

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Amazing Brazillian Fire Opal (9.1 ct) 18x13 Octo-Rectangle   

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Product description: "Fire Opal" is a term used for colorful, transparent to translucent opal with a background color that is a fire-like hue of yellow to orange to red. It might or might not exhibit "play-of-color" (the typical flashes of spectral colors that can be seen when a precious opal is turned under a source of light). Most fire opal does not have play-of-color. The defining characteristic of fire opal is the fiery hue of yellow, orange or red that servs as a uniform background color throughout the stone. These colors are thought to be caused by the presence of small amounts of iron in the opal. What is "Fire Opal"? Fire opal is the name used for a colorful material with a limited range of background colors. It is not a name given because of a phenomenon. It is an opal with an attractive background color that ranges from yellow to orange to red. The attractive background color is what defines the stone.

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