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8.5 carat Viking Labrodorite cabochon - Colonial Gems

8.5 carat Viking Labrodorite cabochon

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Viking Labrodorite Gemstone (8.5 ct) 20x15 mm Oval
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Product description: Labradorite was named after the Labrador Peninsula in Eastern Canada where it was first found around 1770. The most impressive pieces however come from Finland (Spectrolite) and Madagascar. Labradorite is one of the gems of winter. The god of the mines picked diamond and Labradorite as the "Gems of Winter," because they both display all colours and tints of the universe. Both gems combine all colours of light in contrast to all other known gems. Labradorite typifies the sun as the gem of light. As the "temple of the stars", it also symbolizes the moon advancing without constraint. It is the colour of ice, as a drop of water from a mountain spring, like icicles sparkling in winter, or like the stars on a cold winter night. Labradorite, like white light, combines all colors.

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