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7.5 carat Pink and Yellow Kunzite Gemstone - Colonial Gems

7.5 carat Pink and Yellow Kunzite Gemstone

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Rare Pink-Yellow Brazilian Kunzite (7.5 ct) 14x12mm Oval 

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Product description: Kunzite is usually pale but it can sometimes be bright and quite intense. Kunzite colors range from light pink to saturated pink; lilac to lavender, and from light violet to pink-violet. Its color is owed to traces of manganese. Color is known to fade with prolonged exposure to strong light. Kunzite is strongly pleochroic, resulting in different color intensities (usually pink, clear and violet) depending on the angle it is viewed from. The tops and bottoms of crystals will show the deepest color. This gemstone with its fine, delicate pink is not only an ideal precious stone for lovers; it is also popular as a healing stone. Kunzite is said to enhance a person's capacity for devotion and understanding and to bestow inner peace and joie de vivre on its wearer. The best Kunzite comes from the gem belt of Brazil, and these stones were sourced in the mines at Minas Gerais.

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