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5 carat green Hiddenite Gemstone - Colonial Gems

5 carat green Hiddenite Gemstone

$ 80.00

Rare Afghan Hiddenite Gemstone (5 ct) 11x9mm Deep Cut Octo-Rectangle
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Product description: Hiddenite is a very rare connoisseur gemstone, and good gems are remarkably valuable and increasingly difficult to come across. It is cut into various gemstone facets. Hiddenite gems, also known as the "Carolina Emerald" are very rare, and most people outside of gemstone circles have never even heard of this green colored translucent gem. First discovered in the late 19th century in North Carolina, geologist William Earl Hidden sent samples of the stone for identification and, after it was determined that the stone was a variety of a mineral named Spodumene, it was named hiddenite after William Earl Hidden. These stones come from a rare deposit in the mountains of Afghanistan.

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