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5.9 carat Bolivian Ametrine Gemstone - Colonial Gems

5.9 carat Bolivian Ametrine Gemstone

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Bolivian Mandiore Ametrine Gemstone (5.91 ct) 11x11 mm Emerald cut Sq.   
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Product description: Ametrine, is also known by its trade name: bolivianite. Ametrine is a mixture of amethyst and citrine with zones of purple and yellow or orange. These stones came from the Anahi Mine in Bolivia which is the major world producer of ametrine. The mine first became famous in the seventeenth century when a Spanish conquistador received it as a dowry on marrying a princess named Anahi from the Ayoreos tribe. Ametrine was introduced to Europe through the conquistador's gifts to the Spanish queen. Ametrine is most typically faceted in a rectangular shape with a 50/50 pairing of amethyst and citrine. Sometimes a checkerboard pattern of facets is added to the top to increase light reflection. Ametrine can also be cut to blend the two colours so that the result is a mixture of yellow, purple, and peach tones throughout the stone. Ametrine is also popular among artistic cutters and carvers, who play with the colours, creating landscapes in the stone.

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