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5.5 carat set of tower cut Andalusite Gemstones - Colonial Gems

5.5 carat set of tower cut Andalusite Gemstones

$ 60.00 $ 200.00

Andalusite Gemstones Earrings & Pendant Set (5.5 ct) 11x7mm Tri cut center, (2) tri cut 5.5 mm

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Product description: Andalusite is named after Andalusia, the Spanish autonomous community where it was first discovered. Andalusite has a very distinct combination of colors, and a very pronounced level of pleochroism, which results in the exhibition of different colors when viewed from different angles. Andalusite most often occurs translucent to opaque, with transparent gemstone-quality specimens being very rare. For many years, andalusite has primarily been a collector's stone, but it has recently gained a lot of attention from many jewelry designers. It is becoming increasingly popular in jewelry designs. This set of Briolette style earrings and center pendant is quite unique and was hand fashioned for us out of some special Andalusite crystals our Gem experts unearthed in Brazil. This set is one of a kind. 

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