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5.1 carat Marquis Morganite Gemstone - Colonial Gems

5.1 carat Marquis Morganite Gemstone

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Magnificent Marquis Morganite Gemstone (5.12 ct) 20x10 mm Marquis   

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Product description: Morganite belongs to the same gemstone family as emerald, aquamarine, golden beryl etc.. Among these beryls, morganite and the raspberry-red bixbite are the rarest. Morganite ranges in color from pale pink to pink, violet-pink, peach, peachy-pink, or salmon color. When determining the quality of a morganite, the colour is the most important criterion. Note that this gemstone should be selected in as large a size as possible, for it is only above a certain size that the beauty of its colour really comes into its own. The rule which says 'the more transparent, the more valuable' only applies to a certain extent, for there are plenty of women who would prefer a morganite with fine inclusions like pure silk. What is certain is that the cut really is a decisive factor, for only a high-quality cut will allow the subtle colour of the morganite to shine out. Morganite can be found in many locations around the world. The two most significant deposits are found in Brazil and Madagascar. These gems come from the famous Beryl mines of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

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