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4.8 carat Smokey Grey Rutile Gemstone - Colonial Gems

4.8 carat Smokey Grey Rutile Gemstone

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Smokey Grey Rutile Quartz Gemstone (4.8 ct) 14 x 12 mm Oval 
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Product description: Rutilated quartz is a rare mineral that is mainly made up of titanium dioxide. One of its most outstanding physical properties is that is has a remarkably high refractive index which makes it to disperse plenty of light more than any other mineral known to mankind. It is a member of the larger quartz family and closely resembles its distant cousins- smoky quartz and rose quartz. Rutile quartz can be found within other stones but is easy to distinguish especially due to its vertical striations which are known to exude colourful displays once exposed to the sun. Also popularly referred to as sagenite  or the Hair of Venus, this rare quartz crystal can be adorned as jewelry, placed around the house or carried in the pocket.

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