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4.7 carat Green Zircon Gemstone - Colonial Gems

4.7 carat Green Zircon Gemstone

$ 110.00 $ 366.00

Green Zircon Gemstone (4.7 ct) 10 mm Round
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$110 In stock
Product description: Radiant zircon is the oldest known gemstone, with some crystals dating back 4 billion years, and thanks to its tremendous fire and dispersion, it has been considered a less-expensive stand-in for diamond for many years, although zircon gives us many reasons to sing its praises and appreciate it in its own light. Zircon occurs in a rainbow of rich hues, including blue, violet, green, brown, red and pink, brownish gold and yellow, as well as colorless. Increasingly rare honey-colored zircon from Cambodia is primarily the only zircon that can be heated to blue. As we do not sell treated Gems at Colonial, blue Zircon is not currently one of our offerings. Natural Zircon has not relation or connection to "Cubic Zirconia"

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