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4.6 carat African Kornerupine Cats Eye - Colonial Gems

4.6 carat African Kornerupine Cats Eye

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Tanzanian Kornerupine Cats Eye Gemstone (4.6 ct) 10x8mm Oval   

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Product description: Kornerupine Cat's Eye displays an amazing phenomena known as chatoyancy, also known in the gem trade as “the cat's eye effect”. The reason for this fascinating phenomenon is very fine inclusions within the stone. When a light source is directed on these inclusions a bright strip of light appears, running perpendicular to the inclusions. This strip will then glide across the surface of the stone when turned over. Kornerupine Cat's Eye are most commonly and almost exclusively cut into cabochons. This is because a tall, round cut is required to maximize the striking Cat's Eye effect most brilliantly.

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