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3 carat Blue Nepalese Kyanite Gemstone - Colonial Gems

3 carat Blue Nepalese Kyanite Gemstone

$ 80.00 $ 177.00

Awesome  Nepali Kyanite Gemstone (3ct) 9x7mm Cushion   
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$80 In stock
Product description: Kyanite is a spectacular gemstone often used as an affordable alternative to the more expensive blue sapphire. Kyanite deposits can be found in many locations around the world. Some of the most important sources include Austria, Burma, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Tanzania, and the United States. Kyanite stones of over 2 carats are considered rare. Kyanite looks best in daylight and exhibits a vitreous to near-pearly luster when cut and polished. The very best Kyanite with a deep blue tone, luster and clarity is found in the mountains of Nepal. Colonial Gems obtained a parcel of uncut Nepalese Kyanite and we are releasing cut and polished stones of awesome quality in limited quantities. Look around, compare the pale color of the Kyanite you will find on the Internet to these stones.. We know because we mined these ourselves! They are the best we have ever found.

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