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3.1 carat set of Red Spinel Gemstones - Colonial Gems

3.1 carat set of Red Spinel Gemstones

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Nice Red Spinel Gemstone Set (3.1 ct)

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Product description: Spinel is most famous for its deep red variety that closely resembles Ruby. These two gemstones can be very difficult to distinguish. Until the late 19th century, there was no distinction made between Ruby and red Spinel, as they look identical and are found in the same localities. Many famous old "Rubies" were discovered to be in fact Spinel. Fine red Spinel is actually rarer than Ruby of equal color. However, its is an undervalued gemstone, with its cost is about 30% lower then comparable Ruby. The scarcity of good Spinel is the reason for its lack of demand and popularity. Gem Spinel is in very limited supply, and therefore jewelry companies and gem cartels don't really market this gemstone to the consumer. This inhibits Spinel from being a more mainstream gemstone.The most outstanding Spinel in size, color, and quality is from Burma and Cambodia. Other sources of gem Spinel are Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Tadjikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Madagascar. The Spinel offered here is from Cambodia and is red with a slight purple hue.

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