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23 carat set of Norwegian Green Apatite Gems - Colonial Gems

23 carat set of Norwegian Green Apatite Gems

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Norwegian Green Fire Apatite Gemstone Set (23 ct)  Center stone: 12x10 mm oval & 2 11x9mm oval
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Product description: Apatite is a common mineral but rare in a quality gemstone. However, because apatite occurs in such a wide variety of attractive colors and forms, it is a favorite among gemstone collectors. Connoisseurs often seek out rare colors such as leek-green apatite, which is known as 'asparagus stone'. When cut and polished, apatite has a vitreous luster. Gem-quality apatite typically occurs transparent, but translucent specimens do exist. The particular stones in this set are a dark "leek" green obtained from a secret mine in Norway first worked during WWII under the Nazi occupation and search for hard water and rare earth minerals.

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