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2 carat Tear drop Ruby Gemstone - Colonial Gems

2 carat Tear drop Ruby Gemstone

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Nice Cambodian Tear drop Ruby (2.08 ct) 11x7 mm Marquis
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Product description: Ceylon Ruby- Stones mined on the island of Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, are characterized by a bright, lighter shade of red with strong brilliance and purity of color. Red is also the color of Ruby, “the King of Gemstones”, which comes from the Sanskrit language. For thousands of years Ruby has been considered one of the most valuable gemstones on Earth.  To be classified as a “precious” stone, it has it all: a wonderfully rich color, excellent hardness and an overwhelming brilliance. It is also an extremely rare gemstone, especially in the finer qualities.  Ruby is the red variety of the Corundum mineral, one of the hardest minerals on Earth, which also includes Sapphires. This stone is one of five gems cut from a single Ceylon Ruby rough, found by our very own Gem Experts at a private location in Sri Lanka, the color is unique for a Ceylon gem with a slight tinge of purple hue in the red.

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