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2.9 carat Black Star Sapphire - Colonial Gems

2.9 carat Black Star Sapphire

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4 Ray Black Star Sappire Gemstone (2.9 ct) 10x8 mm Oval   
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Product description: Black Star sapphire can be distinguished from other forms of sapphire by its unique asterism. The 4 or 6 rayed-star effect appears most clearly under natural light, but it can also be viewed using a strong source of direct light such as a penlight or a halogen bulb. Star sapphire is typically opaque. Some finer specimens may exhibit slight translucency. Star sapphire owes its desirable asterism to perfectly aligned needle-like rutile inclusions. The rutile inclusions in star sapphire result in a vitreous to silky luster when cut and polished. Black Sapphire brings the wisdom of confidence in one’s own intuition. It is a grounding stone, one of protection and centering, of both the body and inherent energy forces. It deflects negativity from others, especially as a Star Sapphire, and provides a calm strength in high stress or chaotic situations.

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