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2.2 carat South American Rubellite Gemstone - Colonial Gems

2.2 carat South American Rubellite Gemstone

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Awesome South American Rubellite Gemstone (2.2ct) 10x8mm Cushion 

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Product description: Tourmalines are gems with an incomparable variety of colours. One particularly popular variety is the green Tourmaline, known as a 'verdelite' in the trade. However, if its fine emerald-like green is caused by tiny traces of chrome, it is referred to as a 'chrome tourmaline'. The absolute highlight among the tourmalines is the 'Paraiba tourmaline', a gemstone of an intense blue to blue-green which was not discovered until 1987 in a mine in the Brazilian state of Paraiba. In good qualities, these gemstones are much sought-after treasures today. In the fascinating world of gemstones, the tourmaline is very special. Its high availability and its glorious, incomparable colour spectrum make it one of our most popular gemstones - and apart from that, almost every tourmaline is unique, we think you will love this one.

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