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14.9 carat South Indian Labrodorite Cabochon - Colonial Gems

14.9 carat South Indian Labrodorite Cabochon

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South Indian Labrodorite Gemstone (14.9 ct) 20x15 mm Oval   
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Product description: Labradorite was named after the Labrador Peninsula in Eastern Canada where it was first found around 1770. Labradorite is usually cut en cabochon or in flat slabs in order to best display its iridescence. It shows labradorescence - a shiller effect in lustrous metallic tints, often blue and green, and sometimes the complete spectrum.

There are transparent yellowish-brown and colorless specimens that are cut with facets, but labradorite is best known as a colorful cabochon for pendants, bead necklaces, brooches, rings and ornamental objects.

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