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1.9 carat Golden Beryl Gemstone - Colonial Gems

1.9 carat Golden Beryl Gemstone

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Outstanding Golden Beryl Oval Gemstone (1.9ct)   11x9mm (oval cut) 
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Product description: Golden beryl is also known as Heliodor, which is named after the Greek words for sun "helios" and gift "doron". The sunny yellow color of this beryl lives up to its name. Although it isn't well known, Golden beryl has an illustrious pedigree. One of the most important gem families is beryl. With a trace of chromium to bestow a fabulous green, beryl becomes emerald, the rare and valuable green gem. If instead, nature includes a trace of iron in one valence state, beryl is aquamarine. Because golden beryl is largely unknown, it is much more affordable than aquamarine. Golden beryl gemstones are an excellent choice for jewelry due to their hardness, toughness, and resistance to corrosive substances. Gemstone lovers are finally beginning to discover this fine gem, and as a result golden beryl is becoming an increasingly popular gemstone for jewelry. These particular gems came from Minas Gerais in Brazil.

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