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1.6 carat Thai Ruby Gemstone - Colonial Gems

1.6 carat Thai Ruby Gemstone

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Thai Ruby Gemstone (1.6 ct) 9x7mm Oval 
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Product description: This parcel of Thailand rubies were part of crystals deeply imbedded in the host matric (rock), near Khao Ploi Waen. the legendary 'Hill of Gems.' Thai Rubies are typical mined near the surface but these were found directly in the hard rock. At Colonial Gems we pride ourselves in not treating any gemstones, and won't buy or sell such. However there are occasions when nature sees fit to make the extraction of the crystal extremely difficult to do without potentially destroying the gem. To process these crystal, it will be heated to 800 degrees Celsius to loosen the crystal from the host matrix. Ruby and Sapphire heat treatments that actual change the crystalline structure of the Corundum are done at temperatures in excess of 1800 degrees Celsius in order to visible change the appearance of the gem. Our processing is not conducted at the temperatures needed, however since heat was applied we disclose this.

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