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11 carat Set of Siberian Sunstone Cabochons - Colonial Gems

11 carat Set of Siberian Sunstone Cabochons

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Siberian Sunstone Cabochons Gemstone Set (11 ct) (2) 12mm Rounds 
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Product description: The name "sunstone" is used for specimens of translucent to transparent feldspar that produce bright metallic flashes when light interacts with tiny plate-like mineral inclusions within the stone. These mineral inclusions usually have a common orientation, and light entering the stone reflects from them at a common angle. This produces a flash of light in the eye of the observer who views them at the proper angle. This optical phenomenon is known as "aventurescence." The Sunstone in this parcel was mined at a hard rock Feldspar deposit in the Eastern Urals, where some of the best specimens have been located.

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