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3.9 carat Rare Swedish Bastinasite Gemstone - Colonial Gems

3.9 carat Rare Swedish Bastinasite Gemstone

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Aquamarine Trillion Cut Gemstone (1.19 ct)     9x7x5.2mm Oval

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Product description:   Bastnasite gets its name from its type locality, Bastnas Mine, Riddarhyttan, Vastmanland, Sweden. Although a scarce mineral and never in great concentrations, it is wide spread and one of the more common rare earth carbonates. Bastnasite has been found in karst bauxite deposits in Hungary, Greece and the Balkans.

Bastnaesite as a gemstone is extremely rare.  This gemstone has great color and is extremely rare! It is reddish brown with color changing properties and few in the world exist that are anything near this quality.

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