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Set of White Cats Eye Moonstones! 4 Gem set

Set of White Cats Eye Moonstones! 4 Gem set

$ 55.00 $ 145.00

White Moonstone Cats Eye Gemstone Set 

(4 gem set)

Sizes: (1) 7mm oval

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Product description: Moonstone is the best-known gemstone quality potassium feldspar. Its name is owed to the almost magical, bluish-white shimmer that resembles that of the moon at night. The shimmer is the result of alternating layers of orthoclase and albite which causes interference of light as it enters the stone. The light is reflected back and scattered equally, resulting in a fantastic schiller. The resulting sheen most commonly occurs in white, blue or blue-orange color and it appears with the cat's eye reflection. The combination of adularesence and chatoyancy in a single stone is exceptionally rare. Top quality specimens can exhibit 'three-dimensional' depth of color due to moonstone's remarkable level of adularesence.

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