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Apatite is one of the lesser-known gem types. However, there are many gemstones that have a similar color and form to apatite. In fact, apatite acquired its name because it was said to imitate more expensive stones, such as precious beryl, tourmaline, sphene and topaz.

Colors range from Blue to Yellow and many colors in between.

Apatite also comes in a very rare, but popular cat's eye cabochon. Most are found with yellowish, green and golden color, but there are many other colors available. As with faceted apatite, there are many cabochon stones that can be confused with cat's eye apatite, including chrysoberyl cat's eye, quartz cat's eye, tourmaline cat's eye and sillimanite cat's eye.

Most Popular Apatite Varieties:

'Asparagus stone', neon-blue apatite, neon blue-green apatite, violet-purple apatite, green apatite and cat's eye apatite are the most popular and well-known varieties of apatite.